Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

These Tattoo Aftercare instructions are tips and not the only guidelines. Lifeline Tattoo CBD Aftercare Products take no responsibility for messed up tattoos due to a lack of improper Tattoo Aftercare.

After you’ve got your new ink be sure to take some proper Tattoo Aftercare tips and instructions. If proper Tattoo Aftercare is not maintained your tattoo might just end up totally ruined. It is extremely important to follow the Tattoo Aftercare instructions.

A beautiful tattoo can turn into one horrible mess if proper Tattoo Aftercare instructions are not taken. After getting your tattoo, your artist will help provide tips and guidelines on how to keep your tattoo looking amazing. Be sure to follow his/her Tattoo Aftercare tips so your new piece of art stays beautiful.

Keep your bandage on for a couple hours. This will prevent any air-born bacteria from getting into the wound. Make sure to treat and wash your tattoo daily. Use warm water, some antibacterial soap, and gently wash with your hand. Never rub the tattoo, always pat. Specialty lotions and products are available for a better Tattoo Aftercare experience. Avoid bathtubs, swimming, and submerging your new tattoo for at least two weeks. Never pick or peel the tattoo while it is healing. Soak and gently pat the tattoo and scabs will fall away on their own. Keep your tattoo out of the sun for the first couple weeks or if you need to stay in the sunlight for an extended period of time use 30SPF sunblock to help your tattoo from fading out.

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Piercing Aftercare Instructions and Tips

These Piercing Aftercare instructions are tips and not the only guidelines. Lifeline Tattoo CBD Aftercare Products take no responsibility for messed up piercings due to a lack of improper Piercing Aftercare.

The time piercings take to heal will vary depending on the type of piercing. Use our Piercing Aftercare instructions and tips to help with proper Piercing Aftercare solutions.

If Piercing Aftercare instructions are taken you’ll most likely have a smooth healing experience. Never touch your piercing while it is healing with dirty or unwashed hands. It has the possibility to infect the wound and cause unneeded damage. Piercing Aftercare washing and rinsing needs to be done on a daily basis. Use a antimicrobial soap and some water and wash your piercing at least 3 times a day. Using a sea salt water soak is needed at least once a day. These routines will help your new piercing to not become infected and ensure proper healing.

For any questions about Piercing Aftercare instructions give Lifeline Tattoo CBD Aftercare Products a call 877-819-4682. We’ll provide Piercing Aftercare tips and answer any questions you might have.

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions